Spenwise Prepaid Debit card for youth introduces the concept of category wise spending.

Wise Spending

Ensure children spend at the right places. Are they spending too much on online purchases? No problem. With just one click apply spending limits, or even block online transactions.

Fully Monitored

You'll receive real time notifications whenever your child makes a transaction, so you can see instantly when and where they are spending.

Widely Accepted

It doesn't matter where you're, Spenwise cards can be used to make transactions and instant transfer of funds.


Take a deeper glance on how Spenwise Debit Card work.

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Prepaid debit card for youth

Spenwise is a new way of banking for young people. We are not a bank and we dont think like one.

We believe that children can be better placed to manage money than we were.

We believe in the traditional way of earning, saving and spending wisely.

That is why we designed spenwise which, we believe, is a great money solution for parents and young people.

And we are always trying to improve it!

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Mobile Account

Online account for parent, and a linked account for each child

Monitor Account

Parents can define where card can be used (online, shops, ATMs). Block inappropriate merchants.

Instant Transfer

Parents can send money to Spenwise cards instantly from their mobile app

Regular Allowance

Parents can set spending & allowance limits for each category like food, clothing etc

Earn Money

By completing tasks ,students can start earning for themselves

Track Spendings

With Spenwise App you can see everything you've ever spent and where

Credit Score

Transactions improve children’s credit score for the future

Invite Family

Invite relatives to contribute to your savings

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Prepaid debit card for youth

With Spenwise Prepaid Debit Card for youth we introduce the concept of Category-wise spending.

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Meet the team behind Spenwise.

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